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I need to access and pull data from a number of API's over the the course of the a number of days. This is streaming data so the process will be running all the time. Each process will pulling in data and inserting it into a separate google fusion table.

As I want to run this processes in the background and forget about them, just being able to monitor is they fail and don't restart.

I have looked at Delayed Job, Resque, Beanstalk etc and my question is can these run processes concurrently. I don't want to queue processes just run them in the background.

I looked at Spawn as well, but didn't completely understand how it worked.

So what options are available to me, does anybody does have any recommendations?

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I would use the whenever gem to schedule cron jobs to pull data.

every 2.hours do 
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These processes have to be persistent and run constantly in order to capture the data from the streaming api over a number of days. Thats why i didn't think a scheduling gem/script/app like cron or something would work for me. I open to being corrected though – user841747 Jan 19 '12 at 21:37
Ahh, then look at God to make sure your proc is running – Jesse Wolgamott Jan 20 '12 at 1:17

Maybe a custom background daemon is a better fit you, take a look at daemon_generator. But note that you probably have to do some work if you want to do things concurrently but just processing things in serial should be quite easy.

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