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I have a form that creates entries in a database. The entries should have associated files. I have an AJAX/HTML5 file upload on the same form.

If a user uploads a file before the database entry is created then I don't have anything to associate with the file. I'm not sure I can trust session_id() or rand() or microtime() to be unique. If the database entry is never created, I need a way to detect this and delete the unneeded files.


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Use the ajax success and error methods to add to and remove from the file upload accordingly.


    url: yourUploadURL,
    success: function( data ) {
        // If this runs then you should call a function to create the table in your DB
    error: function ( error ) {
        // If this runs then you call a function to remove the file you just uploaded.

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Perhaps I haven't phrased the question clearly. The issue isn't on the client side, where I know they're looking at the form and I can append the newly uploaded image. The problem is on the backend where I don't know what the client is doing and I can be certain they're still looking at the form. –  Dan Royer Jan 19 '12 at 21:22
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