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How can I test my web pages in Microsoft Internet Explorer on a Mac?
Is there a IE tester for mac?

What is the best way to get IE on the Mac to test websites? I do not have the money for Parallels. I saw something about a VM. Is that safe?

I guess there is no easy solution as of yet. I wonder if someone will develop an app for web developers to handle IE for the mac. I know there are paid services out there where you can upload and test your site in IE..

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As many said, VirtualBox is a good way.

There is also ievms project which tends to automate process of installing VirtualBox and virtual machines with official (IE Tester) images from Microsoft.

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You could install VirtualBox which is free and run a Windows VM through it. Alternately you could install a Windows partition using Bootcamp on your Mac and boot directly into Windows. Both of these assume you have a Windows license of course.

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You could use a VM like VirtualBox and run a (licensed) copy of Windows on there -- it would be just like running it on a separate computer, but it's in its own window. So it's very "safe" -- anything weird that might happen would only happen to the instance of Windows in the VM.

Then you can put whatever Windows software you want on there...

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I used the following guide for the VirtualBox approach: (Not my blog) – jchung Mar 28 '12 at 16:00

Another potential solution is Crossover. You do not need a license for Windows. The last I looked at Crossover it was by no means perfect, but I think you can get some versions of IE to run.. This part of their site shows levels of IE compatibility..

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You can not download IE onto Mac OS (unless you want to use Wine). You can run Windows on your Mac. The free built-in alternative to Parallels is bootcamp, although it forces you to restart. There are also other free aplications such as Virtual Box. You can also use an online tester.

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