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I was able configure Jira confluence in the global configuration page of Jenkins, however I am not able to follow quitely how to use in the job specif configuration page.

Publish to Confluence Confluence Site

Space   What should I give? 
Page    What is the input?  

How to use Markup wiki, Please advise.
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Extract from from

With at least one site configured, enable the "Publish to Confluence" post-build action, and select from one of the pre-configured Confluence sites. Enter the Space and Page name where the attachment should end up (e.g., for this URL (, Space name = "JENKINS", Page name = "Confluence+Publisher+Plugin").

If you have enabled "Archive the artifacts", and wish to automatically upload everything that was archived, check the box labeled "Attach archived artifacts to page". Otherwise, enter an Ant-style fileset pattern to specify which files should be uploaded.

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Thanks Daria, but was able to successfully connect to confluence page, but can you give me example what to display , in the page, I basically might need clover report,checkstyle and warnings report and recent changes in the build.or All changes. Wiki Markup Replacements Append content Content generator: File contents Plain text Text Content – sharp Jan 20 '12 at 23:35

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