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I have an array of objects and I want to find which element in the array has a particular attribute equal to a value, specifically which element in this array has an object that has :parent_id equal to 55.

How can I do this?

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To find the index:

 array.index{ |item| item.parent_id == 55 }

To find the item:

array.find{ |item| item.parent_id == 55 }
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 array.collect{|a| a[:parent_id]==55 ? a : nil}.compact!

should do the Job. First collect all elements matching your criteria in a new array, than remove false positives (nil) elements.

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If you just use select or find_all the compact statement isn't needed, so it should be a little faster. –  acoffman Jan 19 '12 at 22:09

I'd use Enumerable#select Docs

results = my_array.select do |item|
  item[:parent_id] == 55
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