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Just trying out a couple of Android samples. Struggling to find the method managedQuery

Compiler keeps reporting:

The method `managedQuery(Uri, String[], String, String[], String)` in the type Activity is not applicable for the arguments `(Uri, String[], null, String)`

Is this because it's deprecated? Thought I would just get a warning for this.

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It is deprecated, but the reason why you see that error is simply that your parameters don't match up with the arguments. Exactly as the error says, you're giving it:

(Uri, String[], null, String)

and it expects

(Uri, String[], String, String[], String)

You have 4, it expects 5.

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Doh! I just wasn't thinking... –  Jackfu Jan 19 '12 at 22:21

When you don't pass correct number of parameters, you will get ....not applicable for the arguments... error.

managedQuery(Uri, String[], String, String[], String)

You need to have another parameter, it should look like: (Uri, String[], null, null/String[], String)

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