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I need help solving an issue.

I have a list that will be used to track training progress for employees. To simplify it, the list is called Training and the following are the columns:

  • Employee Name (Text)
  • Training Event 1 (Choice)
  • Training Event 2 (Choice)
  • Training Event 3 (Choice)

The Training Event X fields are of type choice with the following options:

  • Completed
  • Required
  • N/A

What I am trying to do is display a bar graph with all of the Training Events on the X-Axis and the number of occurences of Completed, Required, or N/A displayed by bars.

I am also open to just retrieving the values for use in content editor. In this case, I wouldn't use a graph. I can just display "X employees have completed Training Event 1 and Y employees are required to complete it."

I am used to dealing with SQL where you can run custom quries, however, I am trying to figure out how to do this with SharePoint lists.


  • I do not have access to SharePoint Designer software
  • I have the ability to use Bamboo Web Parts

Thank you and any help would be appreciated.

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Try Visifire for SharePoint webpart to visualize SharePoint list Data. You can easily and quickly Create stunning charts in SharePoint(2007/2010) without writing any code!

First I suggest you to checkout this 60 seconds video in release blog here.

Now follow the steps below

  1. Download Visifire For SharePoint from here and install it.
  2. Install Silverlight from the link here.
  3. Restart your browsers and start creating charts in your sharepoint page.

Documentation links:

1) http://www.visifire.com/documentation/Visifire_Documentation/VisifireForSharePoint/Visifire_for_SharePoint_2007.htm

2) http://www.visifire.com/documentation/Visifire_Documentation/VisifireForSharePoint/Quick_Start_with_Visifire_For_SharePoint_.htm

Full Disclosure: I work for Visifire

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Please add a disclosure for your affiliation with this service. –  Anuj Gupta Oct 23 '12 at 16:47

If you switch the list to DataSheet view, and click the slider on the far righ-hand-side of the Datasheet grid, there are options to chart with Excel. Maybe you could use that to generate the barchart from the data?

See image below:

enter image description here

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