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Anybody know how to solve this? With Xcode 4.2.1, turning on Enable Guard Malloc and running on iPhone Simulator 5, the app immediately crashes, and this is the stack trace:

#0  0x00000000 in <????> ()
#1  0x91594ef3 in mig_get_reply_port ()
#2  0x9158e70c in mach_ports_lookup ()
#3  0x031f0124 in _xpc_domain_init_local ()
#4  0x031edeb1 in _libxpc_initializer ()
#5  0x8fe5d15b in __dyld__ZN16ImageLoaderMachO18doModInitFunctionsERKN11ImageLoader11LinkContextE ()
#6  0x8fe5ccc0 in __dyld__ZN16ImageLoaderMachO16doInitializationERKN11ImageLoader11LinkContextE ()
#7  0x8fe5a220 in __dyld__ZN11ImageLoader23recursiveInitializationERKNS_11LinkContextEjRNS_21InitializerTimingListE ()
#8  0x8fe5a1b6 in __dyld__ZN11ImageLoader23recursiveInitializationERKNS_11LinkContextEjRNS_21InitializerTimingListE ()
#9  0x8fe5a1b6 in __dyld__ZN11ImageLoader23recursiveInitializationERKNS_11LinkContextEjRNS_21InitializerTimingListE ()
#10 0x8fe5a1b6 in __dyld__ZN11ImageLoader23recursiveInitializationERKNS_11LinkContextEjRNS_21InitializerTimingListE ()
#11 0x8fe5a1b6 in __dyld__ZN11ImageLoader23recursiveInitializationERKNS_11LinkContextEjRNS_21InitializerTimingListE ()
#12 0x8fe5b1c0 in __dyld__ZN11ImageLoader15runInitializersERKNS_11LinkContextERNS_21InitializerTimingListE ()
#13 0x8fe4f626 in __dyld__ZN4dyld24initializeMainExecutableEv ()
#14 0x8fe53ef2 in __dyld__ZN4dyld5_mainEPK12macho_headermiPPKcS5_S5_ ()
#15 0x8fe4d2ef in __dyld__ZN13dyldbootstrap5startEPK12macho_headeriPPKclS2_ ()
#16 0x8fe4d063 in __dyld__dyld_start ()
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You san see this answer: Application crashes on simulator 5.0 before reaching main.m

However, the linked solution didn't work for me. I had exactly the same diagnostic and absence of error message, but I found no "weak"-related issues in my project.pbxproj

However, I found that the cause of my problem was a deadlock in an +(void)initialize method. More precisely, in this method I was calling dispatch_sync(dispatch_get_main_queue(), ^{[some block code]}). Changing this to a dispatch_async (note the "a") solved my problem.

The way I discovered the issue was accidental. While nothing seemed to happen, the "thread" navigator of Xcode was telling me that the app itself wasn't crashed. And I accidentaly clicked on "pause" in the debugger. And suddenly it stopped exactly where the deadlock was.


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