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I'm currently using hbase with my Python apps and wanted to try out Amazon DynamoDB. Is there a way to use Python to read, write and query data?

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Is there any abstraction layer that supports DynamoDB as well as other NoSQL databases? – DanJ Jan 23 '12 at 8:21

Another alternative is PynamoDB. PynamoDB provides an ORM like interface to DynamoDB and supports both Python 2 and Python 3. The entire DynamoDB API is supported by PynamoDB - including global and local secondary indexes, batch operations, binary attributes, queries, scans, etc.

Disclaimer: I wrote PynamoDB.

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great job Lafon – Houssam Hsm Sep 15 '14 at 8:28

Disclaimer: I'm the current maintainer

You can use Dynamodb-mapper Python library. It's a simple/tiny abstraction layer that allows you to map plain Python object to DynamoDB. It also features a transaction engine.

For advanced tasks such as table management it is still better to directly use Boto (which we rely on, anyway).

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