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I'm trying to split a string returned from the Python implementation of Interactive Broker's API, but I keep getting a:

AttributeError: 'TickPrice' object has no attribute 'split'

def my_price_handler(msg):
    print fields[0]

Checked the API code and (1) msg is a string and (2) 'split' is not redefined elsewhere. Msg string looks like this <Tick Price tickerId=1, field=1, price=74.0, canAutoExecute=1> and can be printed to console directly. Same error message when using syntax:

def my_price_handler(msg):
    print fields[0]

I have imported string at the top of the program.

Is this a variable scope issue?

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Did you check whether isinstance(msg, basestring) or type(msg) in [str, unicode]? What you have pasted as value of msg could very well be a __str__ representation of a class (the TickPrice mentioned in error message, most likely). – Xion Jan 20 '12 at 0:15
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Clearly, msg is not a string when it enters my_price_handler; it's a TickPrice. Put


before the split call to convince yourself of this fact.

(The fact that msg can be printed does not mean it's a string, if that's what you thought.)

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TickPrice appears to be a Class. msg is an Instance of said class, which has a __repr__ method which allows you to print it to the console, producing:

<Tick Price tickerId=1, field=1, price=74.0, canAutoExecute=1>
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