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I'm trying to convert parts of a python script into php. I know most of it, but I've run into something to do with bitshifting (i think?) which I don't have much experience in even in PHP! Can somebody translate this python function into php please?

def setBit(value, position, on):
    if on:
        mask = 1 << position
        return (value | mask)
        mask = ~(1 << position)
        return (value & mask)    
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function setBit($value, $position, $on = true) {
    if($on) {
        return $value | (1 << $position);
    return $value & ~(1 << $position);
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wow, that's just embarrassing, it's like a carbon copy of the python function! I guess I've just never used the << operator before, anyway, thanks! –  Landon Jan 20 '12 at 1:47
function SetBit ($value, $position, $on) {

    if ($on) return ($value|(1<<$position));

    return ($value&(~(1<<$position)));

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This could be reduced to one line, if you're going to take that approach: return ($on) ? $value | (1 << $position) : $value & ~(1 << $position); –  DaveRandom Jan 20 '12 at 1:55
I love that little ternary operator, so good at making code more compact. My goal wasn't actually one line, my goal was to eliminate intermediary variables. I hate assigning anything to a variable that isn't going to be used more than once...a hang up of mine... –  Robert Allan Hennigan Leahy Jan 20 '12 at 2:05

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