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How I can find the intermediate value between 3 integers? It is possible without using external functions or many conditional?

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Do you mean the value in the middle? –  dana Jan 20 '12 at 3:05
Yes, exactly the intermediate value between 3 numbers. –  franvergara66 Jan 20 '12 at 3:06

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for three numbers, look for the min and max. then look for the number that is neither min nor max :D

int a=100;
int b=200;
int c=300;

int max = (a>b)? ( (a>c)?a: (b>c)? b:c ):  ((b>c)?b: c );
int min = (a<b)? ( (a<c)?a: (b<c)? b:c ):  ((b<c)?b: c );
int result = (a != min && a!= max)? a: (b !=min && b !=max)? b: c;
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EDIT 2014.14.3 - Fixed bug in answer

I do not know if there is a really eloquent solution, but this should work!

// x is between y and z (or between z and y)
if (((y <= x) && (x <= z)) || ((z <= x) && (x <= y)))
    return x;
// y is between x and z (or between z and x)
else if (((x <= y) && (y <= z)) || ((z <= y) && (y <= x)))
    return y
    return z;
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