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I have a minor problem guys which I need some help. I have a Restaurant object which has the fields : districtId, dishId, foodCategoryId and restaurantName.

Based on my code below, I need to check from the districtId array input parameter if it has a match in the RestaurantTable. I have an idea I should use

 districtId.ToList().Foreach( blah blah action )

but I am having a difficulty using it. Please advise. Thanks In advance.

My code snippet:

public IEnumerable<Restaurant> GetAllRestaurants(string restaurantName
        , int[] districtId
        , int dishId = 0
        , int foodCategoryId = 0)

var q = RestaurantTable.Where(restaurants => restaurants.RestaurantName.Contains(restaurantName.ToLower().Trim())
                                                | restaurants.DishId == dishId
                                                | restaurants.FoodCategoryId == foodCategoryId
| "For each Id's in districtId check if it has a match in restaurants.DistrictId")

return q.ToList();
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You can use Contains():

    var q = RestaurantTable.Where(restaurant => restaurant.RestaurantName.Contains(restaurantName.ToLower().Trim())
                                 || restaurant.DishId == dishId
                                 || restaurant.FoodCategoryId == foodCategoryId
                                 || districtId.Contains(restaurant.DistrictId))

Also you want to use || (logical OR) instead of | (binary OR)

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thanks for the answer, let me try that one. if you may, can you explain that part? Or am I correct, if districtId contains any of the restaurant.DistrictId, it will return true? –  grayman Jan 20 '12 at 5:11
yey! it worked! thanks again :D –  grayman Jan 20 '12 at 5:34

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