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I am passing an encrypted URL string:


I want to pass that URL string back into the ASPX page in a variable.

protected string qs = string.Empty;

NameValueCollection qscollstring = HttpContext.Current.Request.QueryString;
qs = qscollstring[0];

Which return : S3tLlnIKKzE=

The value in qscollstring[0] is correct: S3tLlnIKKzE%3d

I understand the problem is URL-Encoding, but I cannot find a way to keep the string as is.

It seems that assigning the value from qscollstring[0] is: S3tLlnIKKzE%3d
to string changes the value : S3tLlnIKKzE=

I need to to stay: S3tLlnIKKzE%3d

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Use HttpUtility.UrlEncode method to encode the string.

 qs =HttpUtility.UrlEncode(qscollstring[0]);
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You can also pull the value from the Uri of the current URL without having to Encode the value.


 Uri u = new Uri("http://localhost.com/default.aspx?S3tLlnIKKzE%3d");
 string q = u.Query;

And part of your page:

 string q = !String.IsNullOrEmpty(Request.Url.Query) && Request.Url.Query.Length > 1 ? Request.Url.Query.Substring(1) : Request.Url.Query; 
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