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I'm trying to append tp-lightboxactitem into tp-lightboxcontainer. Can any one help me with this thing. It's not working, I want that lightbox activeitem comes inside tp-lightboxcontainer and tp-lightboxactitem comes in center of it .

$('body').append('<div id="tp-lightboxcontainer" class="'+opt.style+' lightboxitem"></div>');
        var tp-lightboxcontainer=find('#tp-lightboxcontainer');
        tp-lightboxcontainer.append('<div id="tp-lightboxactitem" class="'+opt.style+' lightboxitem"></div>');
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Your code won't even run because it's syntactically wrong, it's not jquery append. var tp-lightboxcontainer should be something like var tp_lightboxcontainer –  Esailija Jan 20 '12 at 7:30

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$('<div id="tp-lightboxcontainer" class="'+opt.style+' lightboxitem"></div>')
    .append('<div id="tp-lightboxactitem" class="'+opt.style+' lightboxitem"></div>');

You're really only working with one object here, so you can do this in one line. jsFiddle

  1. Make the container (target container)
  2. Append it to the <body> (still target container)
  3. Append your item to the container (still target container)

ps: if you want to use that container for more things, feel free to cache it too by putting var whatever = in front of it.

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thanks all of u for helping me . @sinetheta got it right thanks –  Sakshi Sharma Jan 20 '12 at 8:40
can u tell me when the tp-lightboxcontainer is not taking any css changes –  Sakshi Sharma Jan 20 '12 at 9:32

Yes. Code is syntactically not correct as Esailija said. I have working and correct code below: Changes done:

  1. opt need to be defined properly before.
  2. variable name should not have '-', but can have '_' instead as Esailija said before.
  3. Find operation was wrongly done in that code.
var opt=""; 

// op can be whatever defined before in the code.
$('body').append('<div id="tp-lightboxcontainer" class="myClass" lightboxitem"></div>');

//Find updated.

var tp_lightboxcontainer=$("body").find('#tplightboxcontainer');  

tp_lightboxcontainer.append('<div id="tp-lightboxactitem" class="'+opt.style+' lightboxitem"></div>');
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