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Am using few variables to load csv file value into raw destination, and same variables from raw source to oledb destination.

variables List

 1. CurrentFileName--> FX Accrued Income_20120111_161019.CSV     
2. FilenamePrefix--> it has expression ( ((DT_STR, 4, 1252)DATEPART("yyyy", (DT_DATE) @[User::AsOfDate] ) + RIGHT("0" + (DT_STR, 2, 1252)DATEPART("mm", (DT_DATE)@[User::AsOfDate]), 2) + RIGHT("0" + (DT_STR, 2, 1252)DATEPART("dd", (DT_DATE)@[User::AsOfDate]) ,2))  )    
3. AsOfDate--> 01/20/2012    
4. Sample Output --> C:\satish\New Folder\     
5. stagingouputpath-->  it has expression ((RIGHT( @[User::sampleoutput] ,1) == "\\" ? @[User::sampleoutput] : @[User::sampleoutput] + "\\")  + SUBSTRING( @[User::CurrentFileName] ,1, FINDSTRING( @[User::CurrentFileName],".", 1) ) + "RAW"    )   

Now in raw destination ---> i have given access mode has from varibale and variable name as stagingoutputpath

<b> raw destination   
acess mode--> from variable  
filename--> stagingouputpath  
write option--> create always </b>

and next level i need to use this ouput destination as input variable for raw source and load it into sql destination..

destinaton table contains fields like  
report_dir, reportpatternname, processtype,

now i need to insert this raw source file name to reportpatternnname   
reportdir--C:\satish\New Folder  
reportname--FX Accrued Income

in destination table

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The error SSIS is reporting but you did not state in your questions, is that step 2 is failing because it's an invalid raw file/does not exist. This makes sense because the file does not exist and won't until you run the package. I had assumed since your previous question had a requirement for using raw files you were familiar with them.

Run your Initialize raw file step and then the next data flow should work. You'll probably want to set delay validation to true.

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