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I have a dojo script which helps me do a select all options for a list

The script is as follows

function checkAll(tableId){
   dojo.query("input[name^='TBL_SELECTION']", dojo.byId(tableId)).forEach(function(input, index) {
      if (!input.checked) {
         selectRow(input, 'multiple', true, index, null, false); 

Now in my list if there is an empty or null value present which had the checkbox(select option) present.


check box-option 1 value

check box-option 2 value

check box-option 3(is null or empty)

check box-option 4 value

I dont want to select the option which is null when I am clicking a select all option.

How do I do this in dojo. Please help

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If you use a dijit.form.CheckBox, you can check it's value, and iterate over it if null:

var myCheckBox = new dijit.form.CheckBox({name: "checkBox1", value: "value1"});

if(myCheckBox.get('value')!== null){
    myCheckBox.set('checked', true);
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