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I have a wxPython program which reads from different datasets, performs various types of simple on-the-fly analysis on the data and plots various combinations of the datasets to matplotlib canvas. I would like to have the opportunity to dump currently plotted data to file for more sophisticated analysis later on.

The question is: are there any methods in matplotlib that allow access to the data currently plotted in matplotlib.Figure?

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Jakub is right about modifying the Python script to write out the data directly from the source from which it was sent into the plot; that's the way I'd prefer to do this. But for reference, if you do need to get data out of a plot, I think this should do it


Alternatively you can get the x and y data sets separately:

line = gca().get_lines()[n]
xd = line.get_xdata()
yd = line.get_ydata()
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Thanks, I think that should do it. If you want to know the reasons why I prefer dumping data from plot to messing with data sources, please see my comment to @Jacub. – Andrey Sobolev Jan 20 '12 at 9:42

Its Python, so you can modify the source script directly so the data is dumped before it is plotted

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I know that's the most pythonic way :) But first, the data is sent to plot from many places and is modified while on the plot; I would need to keep track of every modification of the plotted data. And second - I don't need to dump the data every time it is plotted. I would like first to find something interesting and then press a button on NavigationToolbar to export it to file. NavigationToolbar is linked to FigureCanvas, so the buttons have seamless access to Figure properties and methods. That's why I asked how to dump the data from plot. – Andrey Sobolev Jan 20 '12 at 9:35
This would only work if the user knows beforehand that they want to export the data and the data is static. Rare I would say. – Schollii Sep 25 '14 at 19:56

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