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I want to remote debug the nodejs program in Eclipse. I start the node script with the debug option.

$node debug script.js

But I can't connect to the node in Eclispe. When I netstat the node's TCP port. I found that node only listen in debug mode. So I can't connect it from different computer.

But I can't find any startup options that can change to listen to any address.

Anyone know to make it listen to any address to remote debug in other computer?

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Here's a great tut on debugging nodejs from eclipse. Note at the bottom there is a script the author uses to forward localhost:5858 to the remote server's You could also just use an SSH tunnel.

So, to summarize:

  1. start your script with node --debug app.js
  2. configure eclipse as if you were debugging locally
  3. use the node_g script or configure an SSH tunnel
  4. go on vacation now that your code is bug-free
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I've tried 3 methods. First the script (which the tutorial invalidly says is not useful anymore) but it requires a local nodejs installation. Second I tried to use balance on my server, but it didn't work. Last I tried an SSH tunnel using putty. That just works great, I already use putty to start nodejs so it means I have no extra work with it. Also, it's what tunnels are for. –  douwe May 7 '12 at 12:11

This is what I do in linux Debian:

install balancer

sudo apt-get install balance -y

then create a route in balancer to reroute your 5858 port to 5859

balance 5859

start your app

node --debug app.js

now you can access it from everywhere on port 5859

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thank you so much. only solution that actually worked –  ufk Jun 23 at 6:30

I'm looking into V8 code that goes through deps/v8/src/debug-agent.* down to deps/v8/src/platform-posix.cpp (for linux) to POSIXSocket::Bind method and it can't seem to have any option about this (unless I'm missing something).

I bet you either hack it and recompile node or you'll need to build a small proxy beside your node process.

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