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Okay, reformatting my question for better understanding: The question was small and simple, I included information to show how it was called so there would be no question as to why I need it the way I do, this made it more complex than it needed to be. I need to take a multidimensional PHP array and convert it to JSON; however, I can only seem to assign an object name to the first child array, and even then it is the default object(stdClass). I need to take my PHP array as shown here:

array ( 
        'order' => 0
        'stub' => 'welcome',
        'numberOfPages' => 1,
        'title' => 'Welcome to the site!',
        'active' => '1',    
        'hidden' => '1',
        'templates' =>  array(
        'order' => 1
        'stub' => 'about',
        'numberOfPages' => 2,
        'title' => 'More about the site',
        'subtitle' => 'Info, History, and Stuff.',
        'active' => '1',
        'templates' => array(

    ),  //etc. 7 of these total

The output I need after converting the PHP array for the correct object names, I believe, should be something like this:

{"book": [
{"chapter":{"order":"0", "stub":"welcome", "numberOfPages":"1", "title":"Welcome to the site!", "active":"1", "hidden":"1", [
{"chapter":{"order":"1", "stub":"about", "numberOfPages":"2", "title":"More about the site", "subtitle":"Info\, History\, and Stuff", "active":"1", [
    {"page":{"templates":{"template-start-7", "template-inner-5"}}}]}},
// etc 

I can just hard-write the string above (which I have done), but while I'm designing the site, I am not maintaining it. The client can understand enough to change the title and subtitle, and to change the number of pages and add or remove template array items if she is adding or reducing the number of pages from the human-readable PHP array, but understanding how to rewrite the JSON string for minor changes is not to be expected.
The code I am working from used Java to take the very same array in the first code box and convert it to string format, then another Java class to convert the strings to objects. Java cannot be used on this site, some unavailable previous version of the code used json_encode instead of Java to achieve this. Yet I have tried various ways of encoding the array AND assigning the the parent and child arrays object names that can be called later, but none of them seem to work. I end up with json_encode expects 2 parameters, 7 found. Or I get something from json_decode saying expecting string, array found. And no matter what, the query request down the rode comes back with either: Call to undefined method stdClass::query() or it fails saying I cannot run my query on a non-object. These errors being reported are a problem, but only because I need the first code box example converted as they are shown in the second code box. So I need help in either how to make json_encode assign those object names to the arrays, or how to identify those object names in the PHP array before running it through json_encode.

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To be honest, I've even after re-reading your question a several times I'm not sure what you are asking or attempting here. You seem to have problems with basic PHP array syntax and probably you are mixing it up with the JSON syntax. I would show you the right syntax, if a could understand the structure you need, but it would be probably better if you try reading the documentation on PHP arrays: . If that doesn't help, then maybe breaking the question up into "smaller pieces" may help. – RoToRa Jan 20 '12 at 11:05
The json_decode var_dump reads: array(7) { [0]=> object(stdClass)#2 (7) { ["stub"]=> string(7) "welcome" ["templates"]=> array (2){ [0]=> string(16) "template-start-5" [1]=>etc..., the PHP is looking for book instead of array(7), chapter instead of object(stdClass)#2, and page instead of array(2) So I end up with Fatal error: Call to a member function query() on a non-object. – Mishka Hess Jan 20 '12 at 12:07
And if it helps, the original method used 3 separate Java classes to process the array as it is shown in the very first code block. 1 class stored it as a 'book' with several other books (each with a separate array), another class sorted the array 'chapters', a third sorted it by the 'pages', and a fourth Java class converted them all to objects to store to a database. My project only uses 1 book, so only 1 array is needed, and theoretically no need for a database since it's now a single multidimensional array small enough to put the into the main php file. – Mishka Hess Jan 20 '12 at 12:17

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