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I don't get it... I want to enable findbugs report in a Maven 3 project site and did it by adding this to my pom.xml (As described here):


Then I ran mvn site but no report is generated. Interesting thing is when I use version 2.3.1 instead then a report is generated. But 2.3.2 or 2.4.0 doesn't work. When running mvn site -X then the relevant output is this:

[DEBUG] Inside canGenerateReport..... false 
[DEBUG] canGenerate is false
[DEBUG] class org.codehaus.mojo.findbugs.FindBugsGui isMavenReport: false
[DEBUG] skip non MavenReport org.codehaus.mojo:findbugs-maven-plugin:2.4.0:gui

What is this canGenerate stuff? What's going wrong here?

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Ah, found the problem. The project must be compiled first. Plugin version 2.3.1 triggered a compile automatically but since 2.3.2 this is no longer the case. So after a mvn clean I have to run mvn compile site to get a report.

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