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In node.js I'd like to create a client that:

  • open a socket to "server1"
  • through this socket: send info (array of bytes) to "server1" (this will activate a module on server side that will send data to client on irregular basis)
  • read data sent by "server1"

Can I only use a socket that is created when my client startup and then wait for data from server1 or do I need to implement a server instead ?

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var net = require("net");

var client = net.createConnection(port, host);

client.on("connect", sendInfo);

client.on("data", readData);

client.on("end", cleanUp);

Just create a TCP connection to your server. Then just do stuff with it.

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I have developed my client based on this but it seems the socket is closed after the first data sent by the server. In fact, I'd like to open a socket that will remain open so the server can send data through it whenever he needs to. –  Luc Jan 20 '12 at 21:31
My mistake, the initial request I sent to the server contained wrong parameters. This is working fine, thanks a lot. –  Luc Jan 21 '12 at 8:33

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