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I have been searching for a bit and have come across a few possible answers, but being so not well versed in Excel Macros, I am unsure how to tweak any possible solution to my direct need.

As such, I currently have an Excel data-set with 10,000 records per the following example:

City, State Zip
City, State Zip

My desire is to be able to move all the rows with street into their own column and move city, state zip into its own column.

So the spreadsheet looks like:

Name     Street    City, State    Zip
Name     Street    City, State    Zip
Name     Street    City, State    Zip
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Do all the records have exactly three lines? If the City is missing is the comma still there? No comma between State and Zip? – Jesse Jan 20 '12 at 18:52

Here's a simple Sub to reshape your data, with som comments to explain each step.

It has no data integrity checking or error handling, you should add this to make a robust solution

Sub ReshapeData()
    Dim rng As Range
    Dim Src As Variant, Dst As Variant
    Dim i As Long

    ' Get Data From Sheet
    ' Assumes data starts at A1 on active sheet and has no gaps
    Set rng = Range([A1], [A1].End(xlDown))
    ' Copy data to a variant array
    Src = rng
    ' Set size of another array to match result
    ReDim Dst(1 To UBound(Src) / 3, 1 To 3)
    '  Loop through source array, copy data to desination array
    For i = 0 To UBound(Dst) - 1
        Dst(i + 1, 1) = Src(i * 3 + 1, 1)
        Dst(i + 1, 2) = Src(i * 3 + 2, 1)
        Dst(i + 1, 3) = Src(i * 3 + 3, 1)
    ' Delete original data
    ' Put new data on sheet
    rng.Resize(UBound(Dst), 3) = Dst
End Sub
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Yep this worked perfectly. Unfortunately as time constraints forced me to find a far less elegant (and tedious) way to manage the project at the time, this is definitely good to know for the future. – Allison May 28 '13 at 23:15

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