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I have a form with validation using jQuery validation. This works perfectly however, my form always contains default values:

<input type="text" value="0" name="myname" class="required number error">

When a user first changes the values in the input boxes, no validation occurs until the input loses focus. After this first time any keyup / change event inside the input will result in validation.

How can I force the validation to occur on keyup / change ALL the time as opposed to after an initial change.

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use "onkeypress" event instead "onchange" event .

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As a quick answer put $('#yourForm input, #yourForm select').live('keyup change', function(e) { }) listener to your form and then check if it's the first time input is affected, and then force validate it by $('#yourForm").validate();

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Could you put your js part for the validate() initialisation ?

Did you try something like

$('#your_form input').keyUp(function () {
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Try this block after the .validate() function:

        return false;
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