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I have a chunk of HTML I need to pull a word from. The string realClean contains the HTML.

<div class="smallfont">

Originally Posted By: chingy51o


I need to pull chingy51o out of it. I've been having issues with this for a while, so I have widened my search to just pull out any line containing Originally Posted By: in hopes that once I'm able to isolate that, I can go in an extract the more specific data from it, but I can even get that line extracted.

            String authorString = "Originally Posted By: .*?";
            if (realClean.contains(authorString)) {
                    Log.d("AUTHORS!", authorString + "\n");

but that's not returning any values.

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Create a Scanner object and search each line.

String authorString = "Originally Posted By:";
Scanner scanner = new Scanner(realClean);
try {
  while ( scanner.hasNextLine() ){
    String line = scanner.nextLine();
       Log.d("AUTHORS!", line.split(authorString)[1] + "\n");
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Thank you. When you mentioned a scanner I started slogging my way through the docs to see if I could figure it out, then came back and saw the example code. This alone didn't give me the output I needed, but it got me on the right path. I now have it extracting the author. Thanks again. –  r2DoesInc Jan 20 '12 at 10:34
the string realClean contains about 20 of the "authorString"s. Is there a way to have it iterate over realClean to pull them all? I've tried pastebin.com/mC0vR9tV but it only returns the first value over and over. –  r2DoesInc Jan 20 '12 at 10:59

Why not try something like this:

        int start = realClean.indexOf("Originally Posted By: ") + 22;
        int end = realClean.indexOf(newline, start);
        String realAuthor = realClean.substring(start, end);

You could replace newline by anything that separates the author from the rest of the document (like a space)

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+1. Good answer –  Mob Jan 20 '12 at 10:25

I would read up on Java Patterns and in particular capturing text in a group.

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Assuming that realClean is a String, you need to be aware that String.contains() takes a CharSequence as an argument, not a Regular Expression. If you want to perform regular expression matching against a String, you need to use String.matches() or create a Regular Expression pattern and match the String against it manually.

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