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I want to take all values from this link http://economictimes.indiatimes.com/indices/nifty_50_companies.cms

and want to put those NIFTY 50 companies companyname and LTP into sql table.

please help me give me some threads

I want use c# ,asp.net :)

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Use HTML Agility Pack to get the values from the HTML page.

Find tutorials from here on how to use HTML Agility Pack.

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Assuming you already have a table in SQL..

You may do it like this:

  1. Download the page
  2. Parse its content
  3. Bulk Insert the values in the table
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Searcharoo has a class called the HtmlDocument. You can split the downloaded html content(use System.Net.WebClient to download the document from the url) into metatitle, metadescription, metakeywords and content(words).

You can find the searcharoo download here(it is open source)


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