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I would like to run an executable file in Windows 7 using the command prompt. What is a good way of doing this? If I just double click on the executable file, Windows says "Cannot find program to open file."

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Add the directory of the program you're hoping to run to the PATH environment variable. doing so will mean you never have to be in the executable's containing folder to execute the .exe. You can do it from any dir which is helpful if you're in a folder where the data files are. To do this:

Control Panel -> System -> Advanced -> Environment Variables
Add new entry under User Environment Variables.

I usually add an environment variable for the directory containing my executable(s) then add that ivar to the PATH var, as follows:


Note that there are three dirs in my PATH and that they're separated by the ';'. Note that I point to my new ORACLE_HOME directory by enclosing it in '%'.

You'll have to restart cmd.exe to see your new env variables.

Enjoy playing...

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Actually, just re-read this. Are you saying you have a file but that Windows can't find the app to load it? What I've explained here, and I think others have below, is how to run an .exe from the cmd prompt. See my other answer. one of them is what you want... – wmorrison365 Jan 20 '12 at 10:30
thanks. how do you restart cmd.exe from the command-line? – user391339 Dec 6 '14 at 0:07

Just write the file path into the command prompt and press enter, like this:


That will execute it.

If you get that error then you probably don't have a program associated with that file extension, find out what extension the file is and then we can help find a program to open it. Opening it through command prompt won't do anything different than double clicking it, unless you are passing parameters.

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If you open the Properties of any executable file in Windows you would see the Target path. You can run that in cmd.

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Make sure you're in te right directory (type dir for the list of files) an just write the exe filename WITH the extension. If you're not in that directory type the complete path to your file.

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If Windows can't find a file to open your file type then either

  1. You have not specified an application for that file type. If you have an app to launch it, then associate it in Explorer:

    Tools -> Folder Options -> File Types (tab) -> Opens With ("Change" button)

  2. You can open it with some app - select "find program" and try with wordpad.exe,

  3. Google an app that can be used to execute this .exe, download it, install it and either (a) launch the new app and File->Open your file or (b) double click your file (assuming the installation sets associated file-types.

Actually, this is in Win XP but hope it helps.

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