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How can we load ASPxTreelist in Dev Express from database. I am using DataTable to retrieve the data from database. visual studio 2010 + Im using ASPxTreeList control, I want to add Nodes and sub Nodes programmatically,

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it is very easy:

Connecting the ASPxTreeList to a Data Source

as you can see in that page, once you have your DataTable assign it as DataSource, set couple of other fields then call DataBind method.

if you need to customize columns etc you can either do it from code or use the Designer.

check this one as well of course: Tree Generation Algorithm

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Thank you Davide Piras!....... – sandeepsharat Jan 20 '12 at 11:27

Take a look at the "How to: Bind the ASPxTreeList to Data Created at Runtime" sample that illustrates how to accomplish this task with the use of the DataTable at runtime.

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