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You will have to excuse my confusion here...

Basically, we have clients with hosted accounts and I need to somehow get a list of emails per domain name.

Say, test.com is a Google hosted account and that it uses Google's email service for admin@test.com, and several more, how can I find (programmaticaly) this complete list of emails?

I've looked around for a while and it only brought more confusion. I think my question relates to this Google API document.

While I'm usually armed with at least one line of code, I'm really clueless on this issue. Perhaps someone out there might shed light on this issue.

PS: I also tried Google API Explorer, but it didn't help at all.

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You should use Google Apps Reporting API and get the Accounts report. Of-course, OAuth is recommended auth approach.


Provisioning API can also perform the same task and with a real time list of users: http://code.google.com/googleapps/domain/provisioning_API_v2_developers_guide.html#Retrieving_Users_in_a_Domain

But, its going to be slower for bigger domains since its a paginated feed. Reporting API on the other downloads a CSV file.

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