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The CakePHP framework is a layered structure. My question is:

Where (theoretically) is the best place to implement data query functions? In models or controllers?

With "data query functions" I mean functions like getItemsWithSomeInfo($idItem) etc., i.e functions that are not actions.

Currently, I am implementing these functions in the controller, but I think there are other frameworks in which these functions (or methods) are implemented in the model layer.

I searched on Stackoverflow and found similar issues (Where/how to store custom functions (or methods) in CakePHP), but (in my opinion) are not good answers.

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Its better to place such functions in your Model then in Controllers. All data related codes should be in the model. It is always a better idea in the long run, when it comes to refactoring or testing. You know exactly where to find the code. And it can be re-used without copy & paste in other actions/controllers.

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Hi @Sudhir, I like your answer, is what I expected. However, I would like some response to make sure. Greetings! – Lobo Jan 20 '12 at 11:41

Place you function in your corresponding model and then use it in your controller:


In Model.php

public function getItemsWithSomeInfo($idItem) {
  // your code

In ModelsController.php

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ok, I think is correct and the two coincide. – Lobo Jan 20 '12 at 19:37

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