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I have almost tar.gz file. I need to skip some bytes before unpacking and then untar it, change something and pack it again.


 open (my $src, "<", $path) or die $!;
 seek($src, $magicNumber,0);

 open(my $tgz, ">", $path . ".tar.gz");

 #    print $tgz $_;
 my $n; my $data;
 while(($n = read $src, $data, 4) != 0){
     print $tgz $data;

Why when using uncommented version generetes shorter file than uncomented (byte skipped in the middle). I would understand if end of file would be corrupted but generated files differ somewhere in the middle. Any explanation for this?

Unfortunately I am not allowed to upload file that reproduces problem.

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Perhaps you're editing bytes that corrupt gzip-streams within the archive. What error comes up? –  Alex Reynolds Jan 20 '12 at 11:20
Alex, I am not doing anythin yet. I just seek number of bytes and write it into another file and try to open it with archiver (for testing only). Commented while loop results with corrupted file and uncomented while loop works fine. –  teodozjan Jan 20 '12 at 11:32

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Using constructs like foreach(<$src>) for binary files is generally not very good since it reads in line mode (and binary files does not have the concept of lines).

If you do a binary compare between your files I would guess that the bytes you are missing is either a CR or a LF.

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