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I am trying to resolve this issue I want to put a break point (or logs if possible) in the regionMatches() method of java.lang.String package in Android ICS. I tried multiple times using Eclipse, the code never breaks at that point. I even tried putting a break-point into a calling method and then Stepping into it, but it simply doesn't works for but works fine for every other thing I tried.

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I have the same problem with JDK 1.5. The problem is that you class files doesn't contain some debug byte-code information. Solution, that I found was to download the source and recompile it's with debug information enabled.

See Determine whether .class file was compiled with debug info? for more details.

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Hey so does it mean that if I select 'debug' in choosecombo instead of 'release' then this libcore classes can be debugged. – gnuger Feb 6 '12 at 6:56
I think so, but I am not sure, because I don't know what is choosecombo. What I did with JDK 1.5, I take the source, recompiled them with debug information in it and than replace old classes with new one (because there are some classes without the source, I wanted to keep them). Hope, this will help you. – alexsmail Feb 6 '12 at 12:25

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