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I have loop for:

for($i=1; $i<6;$i++)
 echo ${'u'.$i};

The variable $u was done in a loop: $u1, $u2 etc.

I need to do in the loop $u[s], the desired result: $u[s1], $u[s2] etc. That does not work: ${'u[s'.$i.']'};

how to do this?

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for($i=1; $i<6;$i++){
    echo $u['s'.$i];
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for($i=1; $i<6;$i++){
    echo $u["s{$i}"];

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Please consider briefly explaining why this answer applies, so that others who see it will better understand. – Andrew Barber Jan 20 '12 at 19:23

Do you have A) a single array variable u with 5 keys, s1 - s5 OR do you have B) 5 variables, u1 - u5?

If A), then use @Sudhir's answer. I prefer the interpolation to the concatenation of @JOHN's answer.

If B), then do this:

for ( $i = 1 ; $i < 6 ; $i++ ) {

  $var_name = "u{$i}";

  echo $$var_name;

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variable $u should be done in a loop this way: $u[1], $u[2] etc.

and so you'll be able to do

foreach($u as $var) {
  echo $var;

this is called array and the only proper way of handling enumerated variables

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