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When I use "Find in files" in visual studio 2010 I don't know how to exclude some folders from search? The only option I have found is: add folders.

If I would like to search all folders and files in parent folder execept one (child) folder, there is no way to exclude this particular folder from search?

I can set the folder as hidden but than it wont be visible in VS - I don't wont that. All I wont is to exclude it from search.

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Follow the below given steps:

Step 1: Press look in button. enter image description here

Step 2: Select the folders in which you want to search. enter image description here

I hope this will helpful for u.

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Thank you for your answer but this doesn't help me. I would like to exclude one folder, not include. Example: I have folder A, which has many sub-folders(B,C,D,E,F,...) and many files in root of folder A(file1, file2, file3,...) Now, I would like to search in all files in folder A and also in all sub-folders in folder A, except in sub-folder E. So, how can I exclude folder E from search in folder A? –  simonxy Jan 20 '12 at 13:43
I look into Find dialog box in VS2010. But I don't think VS2010 gives any flexibility to exclude subfolder in find dialog box. –  DynamicVariable Jan 20 '12 at 15:03

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