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What are the naming guidelines for ASP.NET controls?

Is there a standard guidelines as to the naming convention/style that asp.net control elements should be named. I have seen some developers prefixing textboxes with txt etc. Are there any standards that should be abided by?

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You can use ISO standard Naming convention or CMM level convention.

like Function name "Add"

variable name "strQuery"

Control Name "btnSubmit"

Class Name "Common"

Namespace "Sanjog.Web"

public Property Name "UniqueId"

private variable "_uniqueId"

Hope this is what you are looking for.

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I hope the "btn" and "str" don't signify "button" and "string" alone, but something actually useful. –  Jon Hanna Jan 20 '12 at 12:12

MSDN has it covered -> MSDN Naming Guidelines

Anyway, as long as everyone working on a project follows the same convention, you're good to go, whatever that convention is.

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Prefixes like "txt" are more common with developers who came up through VB6, or learned from developers who came up through VB6. In a truly object-oriented environment such as .NET its not as necessary to prefix items to indicate their type. However, doing so it entirely a matter of personal preference, just be consistent.

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There is no official standard for naming of controls. Actually the naming convention is only for your convenience so that it can be reusable and some one who will be editing it or trying to understand it would not be a big deal for him

Now coming to the point Generally Naming conventions are followed in company level

i.e some use the prefix of textbox (like textBoxName , textBoxPassword), some txt ( like txtName). Everything is right . It is just that all the developers in a team must follow the same and the same to be maintained through out the project.

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