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I'm using opengl, using the GLUT and GLEW libraries to create a plugin for a certain application.

This plugin doesn't start with a simple int main(argc, argv). So i can't pass these values to glutInit().

I tried something like this:

glutInit(0, NULL); <--- Crash
GLenum err = glewInit();

But i crashed when it tried to call the glutInit() function. Can i reconstruct those params some how, so that it won't crash and still be able to use the Glut library..??

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You can do it like this :

#include <GL/freeglut.h>

int main()
  char fakeParam[] = "fake";
  char *fakeargv[] = { fakeParam, NULL };
  int fakeargc = 1;

  glutInit( &fakeargc, fakeargv );


but take a note that it is an ugly hack.

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You might have to call glutInit with a valid argv parameter, even if you don't have any:

char *my_argv[] = { "myprogram", NULL };
int   my_argc = 1;
glutInit(&my_argc, my_argv);


It might also be that the first parameter is a pointer to an int, and it can't be NULL? Then it might be enough to only pass a valid argc parameter:

int my_argc = 0;
glutInit(&my_argc, NULL);
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Note the following code from the source (freeglut_init.c:677):

void FGAPIENTRY glutInit( int* pargc, char** argv )
    char* displayName = NULL;
    char* geometry = NULL;
    int i, j, argc = *pargc;

(Note the dereferencing.)

It seems that glutInit() does require a minimum of the process name, although the man page doesn't shed any light on this.

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