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We are using mongodb sharding in production server and having 2 sharding and 3 replica set including arbitor on each shard. Records also distributed based on write request. But we have to know how will take a backup, because we are having more then 50Lks records in mondodb. So we need to take a records. Actually at present we are taking backup using mongodump in each shard server using primary IP and port.

Each time we need to take a backup on each shard server, incase on future i will add one more shard the same process we need to do on that server also. So please share your input if any other possiblities using mongos.

Regards, Kumaran

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Here's some python code that creates consistent mongodb sharded cluster backups using LVM snapshots: https://github.com/knyar/mongoclusterscripts/tree/master/mongo-backup

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Take a look at this:

Backing Up Sharded Cluster.

In short:

  • for small clusters you can just use mongodump against mongos.

  • backing up larger clusters will involve running mongodump on individual shards.

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