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I'm a working with eclipse in Ubuntu. In eclipse, i frequently use a shortcut "Ctrl + Alt + Down Arrow" to duplicate the current line. I found that Ubuntu also has the same shortcut to switch the workspaces. So, my problem is when I press "Ctrl + Alt + Down Arrow", it calls the system's action. I tried this by disabling the keyboard shortcut in Ubuntu too. Still, it didn't work for me. Can anyone help me on this problem ?

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Correction: Ctrl + Alt + Right/Left Arrow is used to switch workspaces in ubuntu. not Ctrl + Alt + Down Arrow. –  AlphaMale Jan 20 '12 at 12:17
whatever it is, the shortcut is related with the workspaces. it's not the main problem i guess. So, can you please help me out on this ? –  Manoj Shrestha Jan 20 '12 at 12:33
@AlphaMale CTRL+ALT + (any arrow key) switches workspace in Ubuntu since at least 11.10. But I guess that also depends on whether you have your workspaces aligned "horizontally" or like a square. The latter is the default I think. –  Poyan Jun 25 '12 at 11:21

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1st solution: Remapping binding in eclipse

Have you tried remapping the binding in the preferences?

Window -> Preferences -> General -> Keys

Type "copy lines" in the filter.

Select the entry and edit the binding - I changed it to Ctrl+Alt+Numpad_4 and this seemed to work.

2nd solution: Disable keystroke in compiz

Note my actual fix for this is to disable a setting in compiz, but yo said this failed, here's what I did anyway in case it is useful:

System->Preferences-> ConpizConfigSettingsManager

Click "Advanced Search"

Type "down" in the filter box.

Click on "Desktop wall"

Disable "Move Down".

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yaa, the first one is a good solution. But i don't want to change the shortcut for the copy row, cause i'm quite used to with it. But now this problem has been solved. It didn't work when i disabled the shortcut of Ubuntu. But rather than changing the shortcut of eclipse, i changed that of Ubuntu to some other key combination. Now it works fine. Thanks. –  Manoj Shrestha Jan 20 '12 at 13:54

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