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I've been using Fancybox < 2.0 until now, and I set centerOnScroll to false on mobile devices because otherwise it's impossible to fill out a form on a fancybox overlay, it just moves around like crazy once you focus on the text fields.

I just updated to Fancybox 2.0 and I don't see this option in the documentation. Is it gone? Because it's totally necessary, I think. Any idea, if it's gone, of what could I change in the code to make this happen?


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For fancybox v2.x the API option is "fixed" so

what it was in v1.3.x

'centerOnScroll': false

in v2.x is now

fixed: false

Options in v1.3.x are not compatible with v2.x options, so you need to upgrade all your API options when migrating from v1.3.x (or better start from scratch)

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Seems like 'fixed' doesn't center on scroll, yes. But I have the same problem. I have a dialog with some text fields and in smartphones, if I focus on one of them and start writing, the whole dialog moves a lot, disappears from the screen (it's very zoomed-in, smartphone focus style). Any ideas can I change to make this disappear? Before 2.x, centerOnScroll: false fixed this, but fixed: false doesn't, now. – manuelflara Jan 29 '12 at 13:07
The fixed v2.x option replaces centerOnScroll v1.3.x indeed. I guess you would need to open an issue at github ( so the developer can analyze it (and eventually fix it). Please provide him with most extended information and code possible. – JFK Jan 29 '12 at 17:49

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