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I deleted one of the files that was in my repository locally (just at the file system level, not using hg remove). I now want to get that file back from the repository to my local directory. When I do hg status, it knows that the file is locally deleted, but there are no changes to be commited which is what I would expect.

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$ hg revert your-file

will restore it.

Edit: see

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Ah yeah. And I see hg revert --all does it too, but thats the nuclear button. I used --all as I was trying to avoid typing the (in this case really long) file name. Is there a command to re-pull everything from the repository to the local directory, except for changed files. Maybe thats too long a discussion... – ScrollerBlaster Jan 20 '12 at 13:36

The following will revert all deleted files in the current repo:

hg status -nd0|xargs -0 hg revert
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cd to your dir and do "hg revert ." to restore all files or used any appropriate mask like *.java, etc.. This will effect only the current dir (not sure about subdirs).

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