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I already know of the Environment.getExternalStorageDirectory method (it returns the string /mnt/sdcard). In the case of Samsung devices. The data goes in to the external memory but not the removable SD card. The path to that is /mnt/sdcard +/external_sd.

So does the extra subfolder vary from manufacturer to manufacturer? Is there any way we can find out the path of a removable memory device?

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On the emulator and on the devices I've seen /mnt/sdcard always referred to the root of the SD card. What happens to files you create in /mnt/sdcard as returned by getExternalStorageDirectory? – Hanno Binder Jan 20 '12 at 13:50
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Is there anyway we can find out the path of a removable memory device?

Not generally. Those are outside the bounds of the Android SDK at this time. The Android SDK only supports standard external storage, not anything else.

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