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I am trying to make a mobile app that would allow a drag and drop of certain elements using startDrag() and stopDrag(). These elements are enclosed inside of a spark scroller. I would like to disable the scroller when someone is interacting with the draggable objects, but can't seem to get the scroller to not respond.

Here are the things I have tried.

protected function draggableObjectOnMouseBegin(e:MouseEvent):void {
    scrollerObject.enabled = false;
    scrollerObject.mouseEnabled = false;
    scrollerObject.mouseFocusEnabled = false;
    draggableObject.setElementIndex(e.currentTarget as IVisualElement, dragabbleObjectGroup.numElements-1);

But the scroller will not stop scrolling. Am I missing something or is there no wat to temporarily stop a scrollers ability to scroll to allow for drag and drop type operations on objects enclosed in a scroller.

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I just trying to do exactly this this myself and I think I have a working answer.

What you need to do is set the verticalScrollPolicy (and/or horizontal). You do this via the setStyle method:

scrollerObject.setStyle('verticalScrollPolicy', ScrollPolicy.OFF);

Obviously to re-enable scrolling just set the policy back to ON.

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