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Using linq to sql I would like to generate some sealed classes in a data context. Apparently that can't be done.

When I try to extend a generated class, let's say ApplicationUser by a partial part like this

sealed public partial class ApplicationUser
{ }

I get compilation errors (summarized)

'SendPropertyChanging()' is a new virtual member in sealed class 'ApplicationUser'


'SendPropertyChanged(string)' is a new virtual member in sealed class 'ApplicationUser'

obviously because these methods are generated as protected virtual.

Is there a way to let linq to sql generate selected (not all) classes as sealed?

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You can generate a sealed class by editing the properties in the designer:

enter image description here

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Gosh, can't believe I missed that! I've been poking around in those areas. –  Gert Arnold Jan 20 '12 at 13:49

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