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I'm trying to create a basic chess board in C++ and output it.

I set up a multidimensional board array of characters as an initial test, and put characters in to represent each piece. This output odd results, so I stripped down the code to the following, which is intended to create a board with two rows of pawns and a rook in each corner, labelled a, b, c and d.

#include <string>
using namespace std;

class Game

    int turn;
    char player;
    char board[7][7];

        turn = 1;
        player = 'w';

        int x,y;
        for(y=0;y<=7;y++) for(x=0;x<=7;x++) board[x][y] = '.';
        board[0][0] = 'a';
        board[7][0] = 'b';
        board[0][7] = 'c';
        board[7][7] = 'd';
        for(x=0;x<=7;x++) board[x][1] = 'p';
        for(x=0;x<=7;x++) board[x][6] = 'p';


    string getBoard()
        string result = "";
        int x,y;
            for(x=0;x<=7;x++) result += board[x][y];
            result += "\n";
        return result;

I'm using the following to test:

Game game;
cout << game.getBoard();

and am getting the following result:


Any ideas why the rooks are duplicated and not just appearing in the corners? I can not seem to track down the issue.

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Since a chess board has 8x8 size change your board declaration to:

char board[8][8];

Your current array is of size 7x7,

char board[7][7];

Since C++ arrays are 0-based 7 is not a valid index for both the dimensions. So you can't do:

for(x=0;x<=7;x++) board[x][1] = ...


board[0][7] = 'c';
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Thanks. I feel rather stupid now. I've obviously been using PHP too much and forgot that the definition itself is not zero-based, which I why I put char board[7][7]. – DivineOmega Jan 20 '12 at 14:50

The the legal subscripts for char board[7][7] are 0..6, 0..6.

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agree, you should have declared char board[8][8] !!!!! if i remember well, chessboards always have 64 squares.....

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