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I am currently building a site on Drupal and I am struggling to work out how to have some parent content (that is created through a custom content type) and some child content that is created through a different custom content type, is this even possibe?

The outcome would be to have some output that would look like this?

  • Service Number 1
    • Product Number 1
    • Product Number 2
    • Product Number 3
  • Service Number 2
    • Product Number 4
    • Product Number 5
  • Service Number 3
  • Service Number 4
  • Service Number 5
    • Product Number 6
    • Product Number 7

From the list example above you can see that I am wanting to create a nested list that will form some navigation. I have a content type called "Services" set up and a content type called "poducts" also created, but I see no way of linking products to services.

Should I even be using custom content types for this? Or would better way to do be go down the route of using taxonomies? If that were the case how can I make a taxonomy link to a product or service page, and not it's own taxonomy page?

I feel like I talk complete nonsense, essestially I cannot work out an uncomplicated way to create a nested navigation in Drupal.

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Are you looking to have links to the items and relevant pages from each item in this navigation? –  CJBrew Jan 20 '12 at 14:31
@CJBrew yes, so for example I would want service number 1 to link to its pages, and the products to link to their own respective pages –  Udders Jan 20 '12 at 14:41
If this isn't highly dynamic data I might consider using, with a specially created menu. If it is dynamic, you could possibly use views and taxonomy... Might just be easier to write the PHP code into your own module –  CJBrew Jan 20 '12 at 14:43

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We get requests for sites structured like this all the time. A combination of these modules always does the trick for me:

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You can use Entity Reference module for this.

Create the two content types: 'Services' and 'Products' and in Products (child) content type, add a mandatory "Entity Reference" field that references to a Services' node (parent).

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