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I want to login to Openfire Server anonymously. I have tried with null username and password but not able to login. I have used Strophe on client side. Please Help me and give any suggestions. Thanks in advance..

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First of all from openfire admin panel add such property xmpp.auth.anonymous true

Suppose your domain is

var c = new Strophe.Connection("/http-bind/"); //if localhost
        c.addHandler(function(message){console.log(message);}, null, "message", "chat");

that's all on client side!

I've implemented PacketInterceptor to see all packets

public void interceptPacket(Packet packet, Session session, boolean incoming, boolean         processed) throws PacketRejectedException {
    if(packet instanceof Presence){
        Presence presence = (Presence) packet;
        Message msg = new Message();
        msg.setBody("Hello from server");
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hope it helps other...because i didn't find any full solutions and spent 2-3 hours – Didar Burmaganov May 15 '12 at 8:18

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