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Google Chrome Bookmarks API

Is it possible with the use of Chrome's Bookmarks API to load the bookmarks (stored locally) of an extension user in the bookmarks bar?

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Yes, if I understand what you're asking the Chrome extension API allows you to interact with bookmarks. Here are the docs. Additionally here is some example code I've written that interacts with that API - I don't know what you're looking to do with bookmarks, but this attaches event listeners to the bookmark add and delete events and, on startup, will traverse their entire bookmark tree. Code

With some additional details about what you'd like to do - someone could probably provide a more thorough answer.

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oh... sorry about that... I'm developing a Chrome Extension that caters user-specific bookmarks and browser preferences.. user data is stored in a file locally.. currently i can now write files using the NPAPI plugin.. my concern now is how do i let my extension a.) write the bookmarks in the user's file instead of the default user b.) load his/her personal bookmarks to the bookmarks bar -- using Chrome's bookmarks API.. I tried their sample code in their documentation but it doesn't work for me.. can someone shed a light on this?? thanks :D thanks for the answer too mr. thecoffman. –  Jake Plaras Jan 21 '12 at 6:05

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