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I have something like that :

.htaccess :

RewriteRule ^news/?(\d+)/?$ /?pg=news&id=$1 [NC]

header.php :

<link rel="stylesheet" href="../theme/style.css" media="all" >

The problem is the following : when i go to www.domain.com/news/241 i get the error "404 Not Found" of the style.css file.

I replaced the ../theme/style.css with <?=HOST;?>/theme/style.css where HOST is the domain name. How to do it better?

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Just use absolute paths for all your links / assets (js, css, images, etc.):

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You need to include a rewrite rule in front of you rewrite rule that excludes your content directories:

RewriteRule ^(images¦javascript¦theme) - [L]

The above rule tells mod_rewrite to exclude matching directories

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