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I installed WAMP on my Windows 7 laptop.

Next, I defined an alias (WAMPSERVER -> Apache -> Alias directories -> Add an alias)

Alias name: test
Alias directory: c:/test

Next, I've placed a PHP file into that directory (c:/test/foo.php). I executed the URL http://localhost/test/foo.php in my browser and the PHP file was successfully retrieved.

Now, I added an .htaccess file into that same directory (c:/test/.htaccess) with the following content:

Action     controller-test /foo.php
AddHandler controller-test .tst

Finally, I tried to execute the URL http://localhost/test/testing.tst in my browser but I got a "404 Not found" page. Shouldn't the foo.php page have been retrieved? What am I doing wrong?

(I followed the instructions from this article.)

I have also added the line IndexIgnore */* to the .htaccess file which caused the directory listing to be hidden, so I can confirm that the .htaccess file works.

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From the article you followed: "The executable named by Action is relative to the document root."

So you have to move foo.php one level up or write

Action     controller-test /test/foo.php
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This - Action controller-test /test/foo.php - doesn't seem to make a difference. I can't go up one level, because I'm already at the root of my alias. I would like to be within the bounds of my alias if possible... – Šime Vidas Jan 20 '12 at 17:26

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