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What i need to do is to find a particular strings inside my HTML and if found i will replace it with nothing.

Exp :


<img src=`javascript:alert("hello ,world!")`>

What i need to do is to find the occurrence of some keywords like javascript , alert , etc and if found inside HTML tags like the one above i need to replace it with empty string.

i know jquery has some useful functions like

.find() , .replace() and :contains

but really i could not figure out how to do it because i am not that good in javascript.

Help will be appreciated.

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Why is that done on the client side, instead of on the server (backend), using PHP for example? What you want to do, is parsing the HTML-content via JS… – feeela Jan 20 '12 at 17:11
Hope you need all these to happen in your development phase and not at the run time !! – hop Jan 20 '12 at 17:19
Possible duplicate of… – hop Jan 20 '12 at 17:23
What is the purpose of doing this? As others have mentioned it should likely be done on the server side as doing this on client-side seems really messy. Hell, doing it on server side even seems a bit messy to me. Why do you have this code in there if you don't want it? – David Esteves Jan 20 '12 at 17:24
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What you're doing isn't even something that really needs jQuery to be done easily. Here's an example in pure JavaScript.


<a id="someLink" src="javascript:alert('hello world!')">LINK THAT DOES STUFF</a>
//how an image tag can have a JS src is beyond me.

Now if I wanted to look for keywords like 'javascript' in say the src attribute. I would first get the DOM element like so:

var domObject=document.getElementByID('someLink') 
/*$('someLink') is jQuery equivalent*/

Now to get what's in said attribute I'd use domObject.getAttribute('src') this would return "javascript:alert('hello world!')"

Finally I would have a function that brings everything together and simply detects what I'm looking for and empties it.

    function getRidofJavascriptInSrc(object){
       if(/javascript/i.test(a)) //this is REGEX, it will look for the keyword JavaScript and run statement if true
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It's not clear from your question if you already know what attributes you want to check for, so I will give two solutions- depending whether you know already or not. If you know the attribute where you want to search for the keywords, try this:

var attribVal = $("img").attr("src");
if (attribVal.match(/(javascript)|(alert)/i)
    $("img").attr("src", "");

If you don't know the attribute names, then store the html in a variable and compare in the value of the variable. Assuming the following div to be the parent for the img tag:

<div id="myDiv">
    <img src=`javascript:alert("hello ,world!")` id='myImg'>

Do the following:

 var myVar = $("#myDiv").html();
 if (attribVal.match(/(javascript)|(alert)/i)
    $("img#myImg").attr("src", "");
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